A finely-made wooden ship's wheel becomes a focal point for your boat. Beautiful to look at, smooth, comfortable to handle, functional and durable in any weather – it is an elegant piece of marine hardware.

Each wheel is handcrafted using the finest tropical hardwoods and is varnished by hand to achieve the clients desires from a satin to high gloss finish. The wheels are built around a bronze hub that can be polished or chrome plated which may also be accented with decorative engraving.


A truly custom boat deserves a one-of-a-kind wheel. These exquisite wheels range from 6 to 10 spokes and are fabricated using a variety of wood types including teak, holly, ebony and mahogany.

Bob Fuller of South Shore Boatworks Has Designed and Built Traditional Wooden Ship's Wheels Since 1977

Mr. Fuller is a 3rd generation maker of ships wheels.  Having apprenticed with his father and grandfather he is currently the only supplier of traditional ship’s wheels in the United States.


Each wheel is handcrafted using the finest tropical hardwoods such as teak and mahogany, with ebony and holly accents. These exquisite wheels range from 6 to 10 spokes and span from 16"- 60" in diameter. Each wheel is built around a polished bronze or chrome plated bronze hub and is finished by hand to the client’s specifications. Decorative engraving is also available to complete the unique look of the wheel.​

Over the past 30 years, South Shore Boatworks has hand crafted more than 850 traditional ship's wheels.


View some of our projects below:

South Shore Boatworks Have Been Proud Partners & Suppliers of Wooden Ship's Wheels for Edson Marine Since 1965.

Flying Monkeys
Gorgeous Wheel designed & built for a Grand Banks Trawler luxury performance yacht
26" Wheel for Cranberry
26” diameter Teak Wheel with rim built for a 22’ Marshall Cat Boat
16" Wheel for Four Belles
16” Mahogany Wheel for “Four Belles”, A 46’ Wesmac Lobster yacht
24" Wheel for Otter
24" teak ship's wheel designed & built for "Otter," a 46' ferry that serves Acadia National Park & the community of Isle Au Haut, Maine.
Designed and built for a 1966 Hinckley Pilot Cutter
"Royono" is a 71' Alden designed Yawl that was built by Herreshoff in 1936. John F. Kennedy skippered "Royono" when he was President of the United States.
Edson Marine Ship Wheels
South Shore Boatworks is the proud supplier for all Edson Marine wooden ship wheels.
36" Wheel for CATRIONA
36" outside diameter wooden ship wheel for "CATRIONA," a 57' Herreshoff Bounty design. Teak with holly and ebony accents, bronze hub.
Young Brothers Lobsteryacht
22" outside diameter wooden ship wheel for a 38' Young Brothers lobsteryacht. Teak with ebony & holly diamond accents, chrome-plated bronze hub.
32" Mahogany Wheel
32" diameter mahogany wheel with rim. Built for the late Senator Robert Kennedy's yacht "Glide," now owned by son Max Kennedy.
National Heritage Museum Wheel
36" outside diameter wooden ship wheel, on display at The National Heritage Museum in Lexington, Mass., for the exhibit "Keepers of the Tradition; Folk Art in Massachusetts." It is constructed of teak with ebony and holly plugs. The hub is highly polished bronze with the engraving "Gurnet Point."
Ships Wheel with Brass Striking Cloc
Gurnet Point 25
Wooden ship wheel for the Gurnet Point 25 Sandpiper III
26' Teak Wheel
26" outside diameter teak wheel. Built by Bob Fuller's grandfather Charles Fuller around 1970.
Wheel Ready for Varnish
An unfinished wheel, ready for its first coat of varnish.
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