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Wooden Ship's 
Teak Accessories
Plymouth Rock'r Rocking Boat
Gurnet Point 25
This is a handsome and versatile Down-east style powerboat designed and built by New England Craftsmen. Jamie Lowell, a 4th generation designer of Maine Lobster boats, designed the Gurnet Point 25. Built exclusively by South Shore Boatworks.
Gurnet Point 19
The Gurnet Point 19 is a Phil Bolger designed Banks Dory. A fast, stable dory, she is built with mahogany ply construction sheathed in fiberglass/epoxy with mahogany/teak trim. Suitable for 1-2 rowers.
Gurnet Point 15
The Gurnet Point 15 is a reproduction of a 15' Bank Dory, originally built by George Shiverick at Jones River Landing in 1920. She accomodates one rower in the lapstrake constructed hull sheathed with fiberglass.
Simmons Sea Skiff 22'
This Simmons Sea Skiff 22 with motorwell was built for sea duck hunting for Jim Hunt and world renowned wildlife artist Keith Mueller. The self-bailing boat is of mahogany lapstrake construction sheathed in fiberglass/epoxy and fitted with bronze hardware. Power by a 75 hp E-tech outboard, the skiff will run up to 25-30 knots.

Note the hand carved wooden decoys made for hunting.
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Edson Marine Ship Wheels
South Shore Boatworks is the proud supplier for all Edson Marine wooden ship wheels.
36" Wheel for CATRIONA
36" outside diameter wooden ship wheel for "CATRIONA," a 57' Herreshoff Bounty design. Teak with holly and ebony accents, bronze hub.
Young Brothers Lobsteryacht
22" outside diameter wooden ship wheel for a 38' Young Brothers lobsteryacht. Teak with ebony & holly diamond accents, chrome-plated bronze hub.
32" Mahogany Wheel
32" diameter mahogany wheel with rim. Built for the late Senator Robert Kennedy's yacht "Glide," now owned by son Max Kennedy.
National Heritage Museum Wheel
36" outside diameter wooden ship wheel, on display at The National Heritage Museum in Lexington, Mass., for the exhibit "Keepers of the Tradition; Folk Art in Massachusetts." It is constructed of teak with ebony and holly plugs. The hub is highly polished bronze with the engraving "Gurnet Point."
Gurnet Point 25
Wooden ship wheel for the Gurnet Point 25 Sandpiper III
Wheel Under Construction
All South Shore Boatworks wooden ship wheels are carefully hand-built by experiences craftspeople using the finest materials.
26' Teak Wheel
26" outside diameter teak wheel. Built by Bob Fuller's grandfather Charles Fuller around 1970.
Drawing for Catriona Wheel
"CATRIONA" is a 57' Herreshoff Bounty design.
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Teak Skybox - Open
Teak Skybox - Closed
Custom Teak Serving Tray
Swim Platform & Cockpit Seats
Galley with Ice Box
Teak Pulpit w/ Anchor Windlass
Custom Teak Handrails
Cockpit Seat Box with Teak Top
Cockpit Seat Box - Open
Louvered Doors
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Plymouth Rock'R South Shore Boatworks Wo
Handcrafted in the USA
Made of Mahogany & Teak
Safe, Non-Toxic Paints & Varnishes
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15' Dory
Our 15' dory was based on a George Shiverick model that was last built in Kingston, Massachusetts in 1938
1985 35' Duffy
New interior and refit work completed on this exceptional Duffy 35' lobster yacht Fish Bones.

What better way to acquire a superbly constructed boat with all the amenities you want...all created with the highest level of craftsmanship? This owner purchased a used Duffy, known for their excellent design and solid construction, and contracted with South Shore Boatworks to build and install everything a luxury yacht should have...
27' Nauset
Beautiful finish details on this Nauset 27, a popular Royal Lowell design.
22' Wooden Repco
New wheelhouse and trunk cabin on a 1999 22' wooden Repco "Rusticator"
Tandem Sea Kayak
21' Alan Lutz design tandem sea kayak.
27' Arno Day Lobster Boat
South Shore Boatworks worked on the restoration of this boat.
32' Frank Day Lobster Boat
In water after South Shore Boatworks repaired this boat.
21' Seaway
We recently completed some major structural and cosmetic improvements on this boat.
Aluminum Hull - Perseverance
1980 31' BHM
Custom Yacht Interior Installed
Dyer 29
Built by Bob Fuller's Father in 1975.
1974 32' Gus Skoog
Completed rebuild of a 1974 32' Gus Skoog lobsterboat, including new wheelhouse and trunk cabin.
20' Launch - Reciproca
20' Wood-Fired Steam Launch
20' Simmons Sea Skiff
27' Sailing Dory Reproduction
An 1800s historic 2-mast sailing dory reproduction designed by Howard Chapelle. Plans provided by the Smithsonian Institution.

Overall Length: 26' 9 "

Beam: 7' 2 "
Replacement Frames
Replacement of broken frames in 1979 32' Frank Day wooden lobster boat
10' Sailing Nutshell Pram
George Shiverick Rowing Dory
South Shore Boatworks Restoration
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South Shore Boatworks Have Been Proud Partners & Suppliers of Wooden Ship's Wheels for Edson Marine Since 1965

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Teak Skybox - Closed