Gurnet Point 25

This is a handsome and versatile Down-east style powerboat designed and built by New England Craftsmen. Jamie Lowell, a 4th generation designer of Maine Lobster boats, designed the Gurnet Point 25. Built exclusively by South Shore Boatworks.


See Sandpiper III, the first Gurnet Point 25!


Above the waterline, the Gurnet Point has a moderate flare forward, slight tumblehome aft and the beauty of an uninterrupted sheer of a traditional Maine lobster boat.


Below the water, the Gurnet Point 25 has a semi-built-down hull that is stable, fast and efficient. The bilge and chine are very tight, which minimizes rolling, creating remarkable stability. The bow has a sharp deep forefoot, which decreases resistance to water flows and eliminates porpoising. The long full keel, with faired deadwood around the stern bearing, provide a long straight run, protects the running gear and minimizes resistance, allowing for a fast and efficient hull. Toward the stern, the hull flattens out to a long run with moderate dead rise.


The Gurnet Point 25 hull is designed with the proven length to width ratio of 3:1. With today's high cost of engines and fuel, its efficient hull moves easily and economically through the water with a low to moderate horsepower engine.


  • A modern lightweight diesel inboard engine of 170-230 hp will push the Gurnet Point 25 at speeds of 20-25 knots, while using a minimal amount of fuel.

  • An outboard powered version of the Gurnet Point 25 is also available with a maximum of 200 hp.


The Gurnet Point 25 with its wide 8-½ foot beam is legally trailerable without special permits or restrictions.

Gurnet Point 25 Drawings:
Gurnet Point 25 Lobster Style Hardtop - South Shore Boat Works
Gurnet Point 25 Center Console with Trunk Cabin - South Shore Boat Works
Gurnet Point 25 Bass Boat - South Shore Boat Works
Gurnet Point 25 Open Boat Center Console - South Shore Boat Works


  • Length overall: 25'6"

  • Length waterline: 24'1"

  • Beam: 8'6"

  • Draft (inboard): 2'6"

  • Draft (outboard): 1'8"

  • Cockpit: 14' x 8' x 6'; 
    (Cockpit is self-bailing with watertight hatches)

  • Fiberglass construction


  • Trunk cabin

    • V-Berth

    • Small Galley

    • Enclosed head

    • 5'6" headroom

    • Rope locker

  • Pilothouse

    • 6'4" headroom

    • Opening windows

    • Nav-station

    • Hydraulic steering

    • Helm seat


  • 2-12 volt batteries

  • Circuit breaker panel

  • Navigation lights

  • 2 Bilge pumps


  • Either oiled teak or PVC

    • Toe-rails

    • Rub-rails

    • Hand-rails

    • Quarter guards

    • Bronze or stainless steel hardware and fasteners


  • 170-230 hp inboard diesel with hydraulic transmission gear

  • Wet exhaust with muffler

  • Stainless steel shaft

  • Drip-less stuffing box (PSS seal)

  • Cutlass Bearing

  • 18" diameter bronze propeller

  • Bronze rudder

  • 80-gallon capacity aluminum fuel tank

  • Racor fuel/water filter

  • Fully sound insulated engine compartment

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