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Renovation: 45' MV TWIST

Converting a 45' commercial lobsterboat into a European lobsteryacht.

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MV Twist boat profile drawing MV Twist lobster yacht MV Twist Downeast boat boat hydraulic transom tailgate MV Twist helm MV Twist lobster boat deck MV Twist building lobster yacht cabin MV Twist building new lobster yacht cabin 45' lobster yacht in the water prior to renovation 45' lobster yacht transom 45' lobster yacht renovation 45' lobster yacht engine stringers 45' lobster yacht windshield
Hydraulically operated opening transom
Twist before starting renovation
Preparing the transom rabbet for the hydraulically operated folding transom tailgate
Sheathing the hull sides with fiberglass cloth and epoxy
Installing the new engine stringers that the Caterpillar C-9 500 hp diesel will be mounted on
Windshield layout for the new composite pilothouse and trunkcabin